// 17TH TO 19TH OF APRIL 2023

Bench Talks
in the City Oasis

Are you interested in directly discussing your concerns with members of the Linz City Council? Then you have the opportunity to do so during the "Bench Talks" from April 17th to 19th, 2023, at the main square in Linz!

Mayor Klaus Luger, all Vice Mayors, and City Councillors each take at least one hour to engage in direct conversations with the people of Linz in 20-minute sessions.

Here you can reserve your appointment online or by calling 0732 7070 1010

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During good weather the meetings will take place at the City Oasis,
during bad weather in the Innovationshauptplatz office in Pfarrgasse 3

Bench Talks
Time Table

The Members of the Linz City Senate:

Each member of the Linz City Senate is responsible for specific areas of expertise, and the departments in the City Administration are assigned accordingly. The Innovationshauptplatz Linz is part of the Department of Innovation, Economy & EU within the Office of the City Government, and therefore falls under the purview of Mayor Klaus Luger.

The department allocation of the Linz City Senate can be found here>>

Mitglieder Linzer Stadtsenat 2023