This was the first

Future Minds Summit

by Teach For Austria in cooperation with the Innovation Centre of the City of Linz
on 17 January 2024 in the Old Town Hall

Photos: City of Linz, Teach For Austria, INDIMA

#wirbewegenwas - With this in mind, Teach For Austria initiated the Future Minds Summit on 17 January 2024 in cooperation with the City of Linz's Innovation Hub.

At the centre of Teach For Austria's vision: Every child has the right to a good life. But what will a good life look like in the future? Around 200 participants and stakeholders explored this question in sessions on the topics of climate, work and digitalisation. Current challenges and innovative solutions were discussed with the aim of providing new impetus for shaping the future.

We can consciously shape the good life of tomorrow today. Keynote speaker Toni Kronke (Deputy CEO Teach For Austria) said: "Either we do something now or it will just happen. Even without us!" No matter what we work on - that's simply the thing - doing instead of talking! Truths and beliefs were questioned - in the field of education and digitalisation by Sok-Kheng Taing (Dynatrace) and Barbara Zuliani (PHDL), with regard to the foundations of a society by Patrick Rammerstorfer (Ministry of Curiosity & Future Studies) and Thomas Gegenhuber (Sustainable Transformation Lab, JKU) or on the topic of climate by Gebhard Ottacher (Climate Lab Vienna).

The #Future Minds Summit - An inspiring afternoon with fascinating people and many stimulating conversations - next year again!

We would like to thank all speakers, input providers and marketplace participants.

Christiane Steinlechner (Teach For Austria) and Silvia Hackl (Innovationshauptplatz Linz) for the conception and organisation, Fatlinda Ibraimi (Teach For Austria) and Ana Zuljevic (Innovationshauptplatz der Stadt Linz) for the moderation, the keynote speaker Toni Kronke (Teach For Austria), Future Minds keynote panel panellists Thomas Gegenhuber (Sustainable Transformation Lab, JKU), Patrick Rammerstorfer (Ministry of Curiosity & Future Studies), Sok-Kheng Taing (Dynatrace), Barbara Zuliani (PH of the Diocese of Linz), on the topic of "Future Digi" Martina Mara (Robopsychology Lab JKU), Emin Vojnikovic (INDIMA), on "Future Climate" Gebhard Ottacher (Climate Lab), Isabella Melbinger (Greiner), Dominik Kreil (Magistrat Stadt Linz), Lisa Aigelsperger (Südwind), Jan Aigner (Fridays For Future), Wolfgang Pfoser-Almer (WeFair), for the workshop inputs Jeremiah Diephuis (FH Hagenberg), Anna Pollhammer (Innoviduum) and Design Thinking Oliver Hierschläger (MIBA), as well as the participating organisations at the Future Work Marketplace Greiner, Fronius, MIBA, Sparkasse OÖ, PathFindr, Innoviduum/Talent Loop, VSG Verein für Sozial- und Gemeinwesenprojekte, Land OÖ Jugendservice, AK Oberösterreich, WK Oberösterreich, Volkshilfe Arbeitswelt as well as Südwind, WeFair and Fridays For Future. 

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