// 20TH TO 23RD of October 2022 - Those were the


The rocket has launched! The astronauts have landed to taste Linzer Torte and explore the city. This landing and the diversity of Planet Linz were celebrated by the Linz Tourism Association in cooperation with Innovationshauptplatz Linz, City Management Linz, City Shopping Linz, Linzerie, Altstadt Linz, Hotspots, WKO, and ORF OÖ from Thursday, October 20th to Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 with concerts, tastings, puzzle rallies, time travels, local tours, center roas, and competitions throughout the city.

Meet People in your City, taste new Things and explore the Unknown! was the Motto of the Planet Linz Days. The Innovationshauptplatz invited participants to the following events:

  • Bench Talks in the City Oasis
  • Meet-the-Startup in the Old Town
  • Climate Experience Room in the Pfarrgasse
Planet Linz Days Teaser 1200x1200

Bench Talks with Personalities of Linz in the City Oasis,
Meet-the-Startup in the Old Town and the Climate Experience Room in the Pfarrgasse

Planet Linz Days 2022