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playful challenges


In the Linz Hackathon/Makerthon, the city invites all interested parties to spend a weekend working together on ideas for games in the city. These can be digital games, classic board games or games or play equipment in public spaces.

Whether solo, in a team or across generations - the main thing is that the games developed address a current challenge (e.g. with AI, digitalisation, social issues, the environment, climate protection, etc.), which can raise awareness or even be solved through playful discussion.

Take part from 15 to 17 March 2024 at last by Schachermayer and develop your game for our Linz of the future!
There is a total of 12.500 euros to be won!

(1x 5.000 euros for the best digital game idea, 1x 5.000 euros for the best analog game idea, and 1x 2.500 euros for the best game idea for social engagement)

Registration is now open using the form provided below until 13. March 2024!

Note: If you sign up as a team, each person must register individually!

To ensure a smooth and fair hacka/maker weekend, we want to bring two notes to your attention.

By registering for Linz hACkT 2024, you confirm that:

  • You will participate in the kickoff event on 15. March 2024, as well as the final pitches on 17. March 2024
  • You will not participate with any pre-existing or finished project
  • You are over 14 years old


Linz hACkT teaser quadr


I will take the signed form with me to the event on site for the purpose of photography..*

The Timetable of the Linz hACkT Weekend


Linz hACkT 2024 location: last by Schachermayer

At Lastenstraße 42 in Linz, a new centre for e-sports, gaming, action sports and youth culture is currently being built in the building that was the headquarters of the Schachermayer and Rechberger companies for a long time - the ideal location for Linz hACkT playful challenges 2024!

In future, last by Schachermayer will provide a meeting zone for people aged 14 and over who want to be creative, learn together, play, have fun or engage in sporting activities on around 4,000 square metres.

The initiative by entrepreneurs Gerd and Josef Schachermayer is intended to offer young people in the city of Linz new opportunities and prospects for leisure activities. Linz hACkT 2024 will be one of the first events in last. Many thanks to project manager Winni Ransmayr for the cooperation!

csm banner last2 e484ccdf91

Jury- and community-Voting

The ideas developed for Linz hACKt 2024 will be presented to all participants on Sunday, 17 March at the end of the weekend and will then go into the jury and community voting via our participation platform. Then it will be decided which project ideas will be awarded the Linz hACkT 2024 prize money!

The prizes include:

  • 1x 5.000 euros for the best digital game idea
  • 1x 5.000 euros for the best analog game idea and
  • 1x 2.500 euros for the best game idea with social engagement