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playful challenges


In the Linz Hackathon/Makerthon, the city invites all interested parties to spend a weekend working together on ideas for games in the city. These can be digital games, classic board games or games or play equipment in public spaces.

Whether solo, in a team or across generations - the main thing is that the games developed address a current challenge (e.g. with AI, digitalisation, social issues, the environment, climate protection, etc.), which can raise awareness or even be solved through playful discussion.

From 15. to 17. March 2024 linz hACkT took place at last by Schachermayer. 15 game ideas were designed and developed for our Linz of the future!

Linz hACkT teaser quadr

The Winners of Linz hACkT 2024

Category: Digital Game (5.000 Euro)

"Linz: Flood Rescue" - Peter Keszei and Kristian Todt (Team Partners in Knowledge)

The game raises the question of what Linz would look like if it were hit by a Danube flood, but even more catastrophic than before? In "Linz: Flood Rescue," players operate a rescue boat and respond to a fictional disaster in Linz.

During the rescue missions to retrieve people from the water, players encounter many familiar landmarks of Linz, which are now submerged under much more water. With each rescued person, players receive small facts about Linz and the Danube.

The game concept aims to integrate aspects of flood defense planning, such as flood protection walls and early warning systems. The development team has also designed additional vehicles and scenarios for other climate-related disasters in Linz, such as wildfires and heatwaves.

The goal of the game is to raise awareness of climate change and its effects among the people of Linz in an understandable way by making the consequences directly experiential.


Category: Analog Game (5.000 Euro)

"öi! - The satire game on public infrastructure" - Florian Rudinger and Melanie Skola (Team Brettspiel Bürokraten)

"Öi!" is the abbreviation for "öffentliche Infrastruktur," and it's the typical exclamation of an Austrian who opens the newspaper and sees an article about public infrastructure.

"Öi!" is a fun, sometimes cheeky board game for four players that addresses the question of the sensible use of public funds. Through built-in guessing games, players simultaneously learn important parameters of Linz city planning, such as transportation, recycling, energy consumption, or building usage. The goal of the game is to humorously and lightly convey the complexity of the creation and further development of public buildings and infrastructure.


Category: Game with social Engagement (2.500 Euro)

"Linzer Leuchten" - Ahmed Altaai and Simon Lechner (Team Linzer Leuchten)

The Linzer Leuchten are intended to be pressure-sensitive, illuminated ground pieces distributed throughout the city.

These are designed to encourage and bring together people, especially those who may not have otherwise crossed paths and are open to a game or interaction.

A red light signal announces the possibility of an encounter. Yellow signals a person who is ready and waiting. Green indicates that another person has joined, and the guidance begins/continues.

The algorithm then guides the two individuals to each other or to the nearest play area in the most efficient way possible.

Linz hackt Gewinnerinnen 2024

Linz hACkT 2024 Impressions


Thank you to the Linz hACkT 2024 location-Host: last by Schachermayer!

At Lastenstraße 42 in Linz, a new centre for e-sports, gaming, action sports and youth culture is currently being built in the building that was the headquarters of the Schachermayer and Rechberger companies for a long time - the ideal location for Linz hACkT playful challenges 2024!

In future, last by Schachermayer will provide a meeting zone for people aged 14 and over who want to be creative, learn together, play, have fun or engage in sporting activities on around 4,000 square metres.

The initiative by entrepreneurs Gerd and Josef Schachermayer is intended to offer young people in the city of Linz new opportunities and prospects for leisure activities. Linz hACkT 2024 will be one of the first events in last. Many thanks to project manager Winni Ransmayr for the cooperation!

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