Questions for
Linz hACkT

Social innovation
for an inclusive city

In answering the following questions and tasks, it is assumed that all people are meant, regardless of gender, age, impairment, cultural or linguistic background. The aim is to find solutions and concepts that aim to improve and facilitate the quality of life and participation of all people. Innovative ideas, technologies and prototypes will be used to promote a barrier-free environment, inclusion, social participation and accessible information provision. The exchange between people should be promoted in order to achieve an understanding and awareness of the needs and challenges in Linz.


  • PROTOTYPING: How and which solutions can help to facilitate or improve everyday life for people with different needs? (e.g. through construction measures, IOT applications, grasping aids, transport aids, prototypes, etc.)


  • LONELINESS OF AGE: What concepts, ideas or projects can support people who are affected by loneliness in old age? (e.g. through new support concepts, exchange formats, programmes, etc.).


  • YOUTH: What concepts can contribute to offering young people in Linz space for leisure activities? How could such a space be designed? (e.g. recording studios, consumption-free meeting spaces, new leisure activities, etc.)


  • SEARCH FOR A JOB: Which initiatives/concepts/tools can help to connect job-seeking people with disabilities and economic enterprises in Linz (e.g. by means of an online platform, app, project, event, etc.)?


  • VISIBILITY: How can the services and offers of social associations and initiatives in Linz be made more visible? (e.g. through online platform, event, project etc.)


  • LEISURE: How can leisure activities in Linz and the surrounding area be made more accessible to all people? (e.g. by means of an app, structural measures, innovative guidance systems, audio-visual-tactile description, etc.)


  • EXCHANGE: How can the people of Linz be sensitised to the concerns of people with different needs and how can exchange be promoted? (e.g. through a concept, project, event etc.)


  • INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION: How can content or information be made more accessible to people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds or age groups? (e.g. through translation tools, exchange formats, apps)

In addition, we are open to other everyday problems and questions that people in Linz have to deal with. You can also submit further ideas in advance via LOGIN or simply take them along to the competition!

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