This was
the Year 2023
at the Innovationshauptplatz
of the City Linz

Join us in looking back at the formats and events of this year - we'll not only show you the highlights from the Innovationshauptplatz, but also from our entire department Economy, Innovation, Climate Protection and EU.

Behind some doors there are also giveaways with great prizes waiting for you, for example:

So, check in daily and participate!

Your #teammagistratlinz from the department Economy, Innovation, Climate Protection & EU:

  • Field Innovation & Participation: Franz, Lena, Silvia
  • Field Climate Protection & Hydrogen: Oliver, Michaela, Dominik, Katharina, Hanna
  • Field Economy & EU: Ana, Alexandra, Vanessa, Isabella, Katharina, Christoph, Christian

Note: The general contest rules of the City of Linz apply.

Team IHP Adventkalender 800x800 Bilder