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Our format "Create your City!" was in the community voting at this year's Creative Bureaucracy Festival. Unfortunately we didn't make it onto the festival stage in Berlin, but at least we are among the 40 best entries out of 230 submitted projects from 42 countries!

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Our Showcase-Video "Create your City!"

Note: Activate sound! (German only)

Step into the role of the city council

„The necessity of finding a balance between agility and stability, as well as creating a culture of trust and continuous learning, is crucial for the challenges of our time," is the description for the category "Redefining Work" at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival.

Create your City! specifically addresses this: Young people (aged 11 to 19) step into the role of the city council and represent their own viewpoints. They not only learn about the politics and administration of Linz but also realize the importance of considering the community's well-being in the city. Additionally, they experience that their voice matters and is heard, and that they can actively shape the city of Linz through the Innovationshauptplatz - even if they are not yet eligible to vote.

Awakening curiosity and a sense of future enthusiasm in young people

The Innovationshauptplatz team developed the participation workshop in spring 2023 in cooperation with the non-profit initiative of proactive Ministry for Curiosity and Future Enthusiasm and has since successfully conducted it 8 times. Lena Maria Bichler, Franz Dörfler and Silvia Hackl are ambassadors of the ministry and aim to not only introduce the young participants to participation opportunities in the city of Linz but above all to instill courage and confidence in them for the future. And it's a success: The three-hour format is so well received by school classes that all planned dates until December 2024 are already fully booked.

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